Creating one click emails

Tips for creating links to generate prefilled emails for social campaigning.

1. Use to create your link

This is a great tool to create your email link. Fill out the form and press the Copy Code button.

The link will work in text, email, or DMs, so get to it!

If you can add swipe-up links on Instagram, it works great there too.


Remind people to put their name in the signature, but in case they forget, use something like "Concerned Resident", it will look better than [INSERT NAME] or [XXXXXXXXXX]

2. Finding email addresses

Bill Track 50

For US Legislators Bill Track 50 can be a good source of contact information. You can search this format on Google or DuckDuckGo:

site: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

e.g. this search will lead you to the page for Representative Ocasio-Cortez

"Quote searching" for domains

Many people use a form instead of providing their email address e.g. California Governor Gavin Newsom

You can often find their email by searching for keywords and the end of the email address in quotes. e.g.

gavin newsom ""

Clicking through a few pages of results will lead you to a number of pages that contain his email.

Example Page

This page is a set of one click emails to take action for Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital.

I simply took their suggested email templates and went through the process above.

If this page has been useful to you, please consider supporting them.

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